"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
by Arthur C. Clarke

Eyes, JAPAN was founded in September 1995 by an interpreter who had worked at the University of Aizu and some students, officially incorporating as a limited company in April 1997.

We specialize in 3D computer graphics such as web3D, hypermedia, www site construction, computer consulting, and software research and development.

Our employees comprise 2 graduate from the University of Aizu, 2 University of Aizu graduate students, 8 undergraduate students (including foreign students), and other staff members. All together, 19 support Eyes, JAPAN. Also we have very close connections with former University of Aizu faculty members all over the world.

Some might think that Eyes, JAPAN is a students' company, but perusal of our website and our past works suggests how advanced our projects have been.

We offer high quality technology, developed in conjunction with the University of Aizu and other universities worldwide. Our company supports the Aizu region, as envisioned by former University of Aizu president Dr. Kunii and advocated by president Dr. Ikegami, and works towards fostering an Aizu Silicon Valley.

We have done various types of multimedia event planning, management, and development projects for NTT, Toho Bank, the Aizu-wakamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Multimedia Research Group, Urabandai Kogen Hotel, Aizu-mishima Town, Aizu-bange Town, Nishi-aizu Town, and the Inawashiro Sightseeing Association. We constructed a WWW site for world-famous calligrapher Kato Hougin, as well as forty other clients. Our activities have been showcased by various news media, including Nippon Economic Newspaper and NHK.

In 1996-1997, we promoted "Virtual Agriculture," an Internet-enhanced campaign to grow, harvest, and market rice. This project was covered by a TBS Special Report, after which we received a lot of orders, including from overseas clients. In October, at the FIT (Fukushima, Ibaragi, and Tochigi prefectures) Constructive Symposium in Tanakura Town on the Japan Capital Relocation Program, we proposed a new Diet Building via 3D computer models, which were highly regarded.

In 1997-1998, in conjunction with the Tohoku Electric Company, we developed a Dam drainage system to monitor the Tadami River. For the Aizu-hongo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we produced a real time ceramic art display system using VRML technology.

As part of the Aizu-wakamatsu Centennial Celebration, we made models of the Saigo Tanomo house and Koga-cho Street, including the front gate, supported by historians and shrine carpenters using 100-year-old drawings, as part of a multimedia city history software system, including computer graphics displayed on the Internet.

In 1998-1999, we also proposed collaborative research projects with the University of Aizu Human Interface and Shape Modeling Laboratories, with the Ministry of Postal services, and with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Also we developed official online banking contents on i-mode and some secure sites using SSL on Linux platform. As part of the Aizu-wakamatsu Centennial celebration, we made three Aizu National Buddhist images on 3D computer graphics, which were submitted in the animation section at "SIGGRAPH '99," the world's largest computer graphics conference and exposition. In fact, this CG was awarded in Digital Contents Grandprix TOHOKU '99.

In 1999-2000, our CG project of lost temple in Aizu using non-photorealistic rendering was supported by one of prefectural grant. We delivered CG for news show titleback on NHK, Wi-Fi connections for Fukushima prefectural museum and hybrid sites for mobilephones and PCs, which got millions hits a month.

In 2000-2001, we received another prefectural grant again for web-based Russian modern art museum. We worked on some digital archives projects like reconstruction of SAMURAI parade, AIZU-HONGO town and Internet connected DVD for HIGANSHISHI-MAI using motion capture in UBIC, 5.1ch audio and ShockWave3D. This ShockWave3D was nominated as "Site of the Week" by Japanese Macromedia.

In 2001-2002, we received another prefectural grant again for web-based Russian modern art museum. We worked on the Internet connected DVD for HIGANSHISHI-MAI using motion capture in UBIC, 5.1ch audio and ShockWave3D. This ShockWave3D was nominated as "Site of the Week" by Japanese Macromedia and CG was also awarded some Japanese CG contests. We also opened web3d community site as a leading company of web3d.

In 2002-2003, we worked on digital archives project for AIZU-HONGO town which is reconstruction of SAMURAI parade and pottery pattern and so on. The harvest of contributions for web3d, one of our demo were shown at the booth of Anark in SIGGRAPH 2004. As a extension of motion capture project, we rent one of R&D room in UBIC (University Business Innovation Center) and work on medical R&D with motion capture supported by prefectural IT cluster grant. Over 600 mocap data are successfuly opensourced at

In the future, we will continue to collaborate with the University of Aizu and researchers all around the world, to work on cutting-edge technologies and develop various kinds of hypermedia like WWW and mobile devices, software research development, 3D computer graphics including mocation capture and so on.

The still-emerging information industry has spawned new concepts and cultures. We believe that we can help express human dreams. Please feel us, "Eyes, JAPAN"

If you like to know more about our mocap data or Eyes, JAPAN, please contact to . Licensing, bundling of our mocap data are also negotiable. Please feel free to contact to:

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