Frequently asked questions
    • Q: I can't download the files.
    • A: An Order Confirmation will be sent to your email address, please follow the link provided to get to your download.
    • Q: I don't get any emails after registering my account.
    • A: Please check your spam folder, and if there's no email from us in your spam folder, please check with your mail administrator to see if is blocked.
    • Q: The site mentions that there are more than 4000 free motions, but I don't see 4000. Where are they?
    • A: The 4000 refers to the total number of data; there are multiple actors for each type of motion, please check the dropdown box for more options.
    • Q: Why am I receiving newsletters from
    • A: Users who have downloaded motion capture data from us/registered an account with will be automatically sent the newsletters if the "I agree to receive updates on new motions and etc. from" option is checked.
    • Q: How can I unsubscribe from's newsletters?
    • A: Login to your account, and under Account service, select Newsletter settings and uncheck the option to receive. Or, you can change your settings here. If there is no other option or if you would like to remove your account, please email us at
    • Q: Do you provide marker sets for MotionBuilder Actor?
    • A: No, please contact us at to purchase.
    • Q: Why are your data so expensive when there are free mocap data elsewhere?
    • A: Please check our large collection of free data too.'s motions are shot using 12 Vicon MX40 cameras (see Spec page for more details), and are state-of-the-art quality used in production studios and by professionals. Optitrack and video motion capture are definitely cheaper, but we do not compromise quality for the sake of lowering prices, so rest assured that you are getting the highest quality when you purchase from
    • Q: I want to have your motion capture data files in another format other than the ones already provided.
    • A: We provide conversion services to the following formats: .fbx, .bvh. for a price of $200 per file. Please contact
    • Q: It is possible to download all of your free motion files as a single pack?
    • A: Yes and no. You will have to comply with the following criteria:
      1. Use only for academic/research purposes.
      2. Email with a brief summary of intended use of motion capture data.
      3. Credit accordingly as per the creative commons license.
      If we decide that you are eligible for receiving this special service, we will offer all our free motion files (of around 16GB) in two DVDs, which we will send via airmail/EMS. You will be required to pay $200 for the above service.
    • Q: I can't buy the premium data, why?
    • A: Hotmail, Msn, Yahoo, Live or any other free email accounts are restricted from purchasing or downloading the premium data. We recommend users to register a new account with a paid email domain. Otherwise, please email with details about your desired motion data so that we can arrange for a sale personally.